Rehoboth Cemetery Association

The following fees are effective as of January 1, 2023:

Niche Space Fees:

  • Crematory Niche Space (includes niche, interment, plaque)$1250.00
  • 10% Discount applied to all multi-Niche Space sales (2 or more)

Grave Space Fees:

  • Casket Grave space $650.00
  • Crematory Grave Space (2 burials maximum) $650.00

Interment fees:

  • Interment $900.00
  • Interment at Gravesite $1000.00
  • Interment of Cremated remains (grave space) $600.00
  • Interment of Cremated remains (niche space) $0.00
  • Interment of Infants $400.00

Additional Information:

  • All fees for interment must be paid the day of funeral or before
  • Use of the Chapel is included with all interments
  • 24 hour notice is required for all burial services, whenever possible
  • Add $200 for all Weekent Interments
  • Add $300 for all Holiday Interments
  • $50 Veterans discount applies to Niche, Graves Space and Interment fees with Proof of military service.

Please contact us at 724-929-2029 for interment arrangements.

Questions regarding sales, services or interments can be answered by phone or by email